My fiance and I were working 9 to 5 full time at the office job. Our dream was to live outside of the town with our dogs and work from home. Ferrogo helps us to bring our dream true. Shawn and I work from home with our beautiful teams. Oh, we also have our channel at home. Channel is a very beautiful Poodle. She is a beautiful dog. We are very thankful to all our customers.
Our Happy customer helped us our dream come true, we had sales over dozens items with happy customers. 
In The meanTime, 2020 was a very difficult time for all of us, but happiness is the most important thing. we all must be mentally fit and happy every moment. Ferrogo has always been part of the family of our clients. We will provide the best service for all of our clients. 
We are very thankful for all our friends and clients that help us to make our dream come true.