6 Point Weed Trimming Star

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Yard maintenance just got a whole lot easier. The 6 Point Weed Trimming Star makes quick work of trimming, pruning, and edging. This attachment is the perfect helper when it comes to keeping your property looking beautiful.

6 Point Weed Trimming Star

Not only does this heavy-duty attachment cut and maintain lawns perfectly, but it can also be used to prune bushes, hedges, and trees.

✅ High-Quality Material - sturdy and durable, providing years of reliable service.
✅ Sharper & Longer Blade - 6 mm blade with high hardness
✅ Easy to install  - A practical replacement accessory for your trimmer.
✅ Perfect For garden or agricultural use.

Say goodbye to thick weeds and overgrown yards. This 6 Point Weed Trimming Star is a gardening powerhouse designed to make your life easier. Cut down on big pruning projects and time spent doing chores and free up more time to enjoy your life!


Material: Manganese Steel 

Mounting Hole Diameter: Approx. 25.4mm / 1inch 

Diameter: Approx. 11cm / 4inchHeight: Approx. 6cm / 2.36inchUses: Perfect for garden or agricultural use

Reminder: We are only selling the blade and not the trimmer machine. The adapter is optional and not mandatory. We recommend checking your machine first before ordering if it can accommodate a 1-inch mounting diameter. Otherwise, you may need an adapter in some cases.

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