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HydroMop™ Surface Cleaner - Connects To Any Pressure Washer

Pressure wash 10x faster with HydroMop™!

HydroMop is a pressure washer attachment that diverts the water out of two spinning heads under a circular dome allowing you to clean 10x the surface area of your traditional washer head. Easily attaching to any pressure washer, simply screw it into your pressure washers head and go!

Did you know? Professional surface cleaners cost 400-600 dollars per hour.. With 

HydroMop you can surface clean yourself effortlessly for the one time purchase of $69.99 - Regular $199.99, our prices will go back up after our first 300 units are sold.

  • Works On Any Surface - Siding, Driveways, Roofs
  • 1-Second Installation To Any Pressure Washer
  • Pressure Wash 10x Faster
  • One Time Purchase - Save Thousands On Professional Surface Cleaners
  • High-Strength ABS Plastic
  • Extension Handle Included 
  • Runs at 2200 PSI - 3400 PSI

HydroMop™ Surface Cleaner - Connects To Any Pressure Washer

What PSI Pressure Washer Is Compatible?

HydroMop works best with warm to cold water pressure washers 2200 PSI - 3400 PSI. Effortlessly clean decksdrivewayssidewalks, and much more without leaving any streaks or damage while saving time and money.


HydroMop™ Safe? The dome enclosure contains the pressure from the jets and directs it to the surface being cleaned, there will be no overspray or backlash potentially harming you or your surroundings.

Package Includes

1 x 
HydroMop™ Surface Cleaner

1 x Handle Extension

Material: Plastic
Color: Yellow & Black

Handle Length: 15cm-50cm Extendable

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