5 In 1 Piece Paint Roller Brush Set

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Our 5 Piece Paint Roller Brush Set is the revolutionary way to make DIY paint jobs a fun and easy activity. With 5 helpful pieces, you can apply, cut-in, and clean paint with one easy package. 

5 In 1 Piece Paint Roller Brush Set


Versatile: Whether you're painting a small surface, a wall, a ceiling, or the side of your house, the paint roller brush will apply a smooth and even coat of paint faster and more efficiently than any other roller out there.

Long-Lasting Quality: The brush is made of super-fine flock fibers that are both reusable and washable. The fibers apply the paint evenly without bumps or gaps in your work.

Quick-Fill Design: No more wasting time bending over a paint tray and leaking paint everywhere. Just pour the paint directly into the brush compartment, snap the lid closed, and get painting. This eliminates the need for drop sheets!

Washable and Reusable: Paint refilling and brush cleanup are now quicker and easier than ever before. Wash and dry after using and store in a cool place for maximum longevity.

Save Time and Money: No prep-time, no tape-masking, no drop-sheets. Just pour in the paint and get painting. Revitalize entire rooms in minutes!

5 In 1 Piece Paint Roller Brush Set

How To Use:

  1. Open the lid on the paint roller and fill it up with 900 ml of paint. All the paint is contained in our patented roller design so there's no more need for constantly dipping your brush in a paint tray.
  2. Attach the included broom handle adapter pole for extended reach to get to those tricky high-reach areas.
  3. Apply paint evenly across the surface for as many coats as desired.
  4. Wash out the inside of the brush until there is no more paint and fibers are clean, allow time to dry and store away for next time.
5 In 1 Piece Paint Roller Brush Set

(Tips: Do not fill too full. Fill 50%-70% full of paint every time)

Package Includes

  • 1 x roller paint pro
  • 1 x flocked edger
  • 1 x corner pad
  • 1 x resting tray
  • 1 x easy-pour-jug
  • 1 x Aluminum expansion link

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