Adjustable Drill Bit Hole Cutter

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Adjustable Drill Bit Hole Cutter

To cut smooth and precision holes on your wood works, you need heavy duty tools. So, this Adjustable Drill Bit Hole Cutter is a handy addition to your toolbox! This adjustable plane type design drill bit can make clean cuts on a variety of materials. 

Adjustable Drill Bit Hole Cutter

These drill bits are made of high-quality steel with a clear scale for fast measurement and accurate cutting. The sharp blades produce a smooth, straight round effect on holes without causing damage or burrs. Save you more time and effort on labor.

Adjustable Drill Bit Hole Cutter


  • Adjustable plane type - Helps you create clean cuts from 30mm to 300mm in diameter on any surface work. Gives you the freedom to control the hole size. 
  • Fast and precise - Steel beam features marked graduations for easy measurements and accurate cutting. 
  • Round and smooth - Dual blade design, straight round effect, with smooth and burr-free cuts. 
  • Durable - Made of high-quality steel material. Ensures toughness, good wear resistance, and long service life. 
  • Functional tool - Helps save time and labor efforts as you can use it with bench drills, drilling press, and electric hand drills. 
  • Wide application - Excellent for drilling holes on plastic, wood, plywood, gypsum board, and more. 


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Adjustable capacity: 30mm- 120mm/200mm/300mm


  • 1 x Adjustable Drill Bit Hole Cutter

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