Biolita Butterfly Arm Toning Patch

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Say hello to a tight armpit in just 1 sleeping!

Biolita Butterfly Arm Toning Patch

The Biolita Butterfly Arm Toning Patch is perfectly made to remove the lymphatic congestion for a tight, firm and beautiful armpit.

Biolita Butterfly Arm Toning Patch

By unblocking lymph nodes and reducing the fat cells, it will strengthen immunity and stimulate blood circulation. Features a body massager that helps to stimulate microcirculation in tissues and lymphatic drainage.

Biolita Butterfly Arm Toning Patch

Consists of 10 natural ingredients, totally organic, safe, comfortable and non-irritating patch to promote expulsion of waste products and toxins.

Biolita Butterfly Arm Toning Patch

Stick onto your arm, it will hold in place and won’t slip overnight - get healthy and tight skin the next morning!


  • LYMPH CARE PATCH: This neck lymphatic detox patch clears up lymphatic congestion in your body and boosts your immunity in the process.
Biolita Butterfly Arm Toning Patch
  • BODY MASSAGER: The surface delivers a particularly intensive massage effect which stimulates the microcirculation in the tissue and promotes lymph drainage.
  • GOODBYE LYMPH NODES: Removes Lymph nodes in painless method. Eliminate the appearance of  swelling,adipose tissues and fats cells under arms -effective to shape your body.
Biolita Butterfly Arm Toning Patch
  • NATURAL & ORGANIC:  Formulated of 10 Natural and Organic ingredients which are 100% safe for any skin type especially those who have sensitive skin.
Biolita Butterfly Arm Toning Patch
  • REGULATES THE BLOOD FLOW: This patch detoxifies your body with organic herbs and improves the blood flow throughout the lymphatic system to eliminate fat arms from its root.
  • EASY AND CONVENIENT: Ensure that your body is clean before sticking the patch. You can use this patch when sleeping.
  • ULTRA THIN DESIGN: Moderate size and comfortable to wear all day. Fits perfectly onto body shape especially on flabby arms.
  • LONG-LASTING SELF ADHESIVE: Firmly stay in place overnight even when you flip, turn or lift arm during sleep. It won’t fall or slip off.

Frequency of use

  • 2-3 courses to achieve the best result. It is recommended to use each patch about 8 hours, 4-5 times a week.
Biolita Butterfly Arm Toning Patch

Natural ingredients:

  • Ginger root: improves blood circulation
  • Peppermint: Anti-inflammatory / Relief of swelling and pain
  • Saffron: improves irregular menstruation
  • Aloe: Quick penetration / Eliminates fatigue
  • Gardenia: improves sleep quality
  • Burdock: promotes metabolism / improves lymphatic system


  • SIZE: 13 x 9cm
  • SHELF LIFE: 24 Months

Package Included:

  • 1 x Biolita Lymphatic Care Patch (5/10/20 pcs)

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