Carve Stone & Glass Pottery Engraving Bits

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You'll want these Carve+ Stone & Glass Pottery Engraving Bits! With them, you can be a master craftsman at carving stone, glass and ceramic arts.

Carve Stone & Glass Pottery Engraving Bits

A DURABLE TOOL FOR STONE CARVING - These high endurance carbide steel router bits can withstand long worktimes carving stone and other tough substances. They penetrate the material easily and efficiently. You'll love how speedily you can engrave or polish stone or glass - without cracks or chips.

Carve Stone & Glass Pottery Engraving Bits

SHAPE HARD STONE & GLASSWARE - We offer you a fine selection of drill bits that can be used to facilitate the creation of fine stoneware, glass and jade pottery. Easily engrave intricate details, hollow out grooves, shape smooth round forms, and grind surfaces to a fine finish. You can craft teapots, jars, saucers, dishes, figurines, ashtrays, and much more.

Carve Stone & Glass Pottery Engraving Bits

DESIGNED TO FIT YOUR DREMEL - These bits are easy to install on a Dremel, and they will also work with other hand-operated rotary tools, including routers and angle grinders. With the speed and torque of your power drill and the cutting prowess of the drill bit, you will perform magnificent carving effortlessly.

Carve Stone & Glass Pottery Engraving Bits

Master intricate glass and stoneware carving at home. Order the Carve+ Stone & Glass Pottery Engraving Bits today.

Carve Stone & Glass Pottery Engraving Bits


Material: Carbide Steel / Diamond (coating)

Shank Diameter: 3 mm

Bit Length: Approx. 38 mm

Storage Case Dimensions: 100 x 50 mm

Package Inclusion/s: 1 set with 20 pcs Carve+ Stone & Glass Pottery Engraving Bits / 1 pc Storage Case

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