3D Cartoon Cheese Mold

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Make yummy desserts that looks like a cartoon came to life!
3D Cartoon Cheese Mold

Introducing the 3D Cartoon Cheese Mold for everyone to enjoy cooking -Easy and time-saving, it molds all kinds of confections into real a cheese cake shape with lots of fun!

3D Cartoon Cheese Mold

Non-stick, food-grade silicone surface makes it super easy to release without damaging your freshly baked cakes. Suitable for use in refrigerator, oven, microwave, steamer, dishwasher and withstand temperatures up to -40℃ to 230℃.

3D Cartoon Cheese Mold


  • Cartoon Cheese Shaped Desserts
    Easily make cheese cakes that actually looks like cheese! Easy to use and beginner-friendly, this 3D mold will shape any confections into 3D cheese shape perfectly.
3D Cartoon Cheese Mold

Non-Stick, Easy to Release
3D Cartoon Cheese Mold

Customise Any Fillings
Easily fill custard cream, chocolate mousse, fruits, ice cream, or anything you like to make it fun and tasty!

3D Cartoon Cheese Mold
Versatile Use
Widely applicable for making both baked and no-baked desserts such as chocolates, cakes, mousse cakes, jelly, or DIY resin or candles.
3D Cartoon Cheese Mold
  • Easy To Use
  • Easy Storage
  • Food-Grade, Non-Toxic Silicone
Durable Quality
Safe for fridge, oven, microwave, steamer, dishwasher, and more. Can withstand temperatures up to -40℃ to 230℃.
3D Cartoon Cheese Mold


    • Material: Food-Grade Silicone
    • Size:
      • Small: 40x55x70 mm
    3D Cartoon Cheese Mold
      • Large: 50x82x95 mm
    3D Cartoon Cheese Mold
      • 6 Cavity Mold: 200x167 mm (each cheese 46x63x80 mm)
    3D Cartoon Cheese Mold


    • 1 / 2pcs x Your Choice of 3D Cartoon Cheese Mold  

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