Cookie Maker Pump

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Make fast and easy uniform spritz cookies in an instant!

Did you always want a cookie press to make fun and beautiful cookies? This Cookie Maker Pump will be your new favorite pastry tool in the kitchen!


Cookie Maker Pump

Create consistent cookies with our no-stress press. Designed with a non-stick clear barrel that lets you see when dough is low and is made for easy loading and cleaning. Comes with different cookie disk patterns that will perfectly suit your mood on baking!


Cookie Maker Pump
  • Create Consistent Cookies  Make fast and easy uniform spritz cookies for everyone.
  • No-stress Press  Comfortable pump handles with soft grip trigger that allows for quick cookie production.
Cookie Maker Pump
  • Unique Pump Design  Clear cylinder shows remaining dough, disassembles for easy loading and cleaning.
  • Varieties of Cookie Disk Patterns – Comes with different cookie disk patterns that will perfectly suit your mood on baking!
Cookie Maker Pump
  • Perfect for Rookies & Professionals  Great cookie making tool for home, school parties, special occasions, or for holidays.
  • Suitable for All Kinds of Pastries  It can be used on all types of clay and is also ideal for pastry making and sugar crafts.

Material: Food-grade ABS Plastic

Dimension: 9 x 5.5 x13.4 cm


1 X Cookie Maker Pump

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