Ginger™️ Detox Foot Patch (10 PCS)

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Feeling sick and fatigued? You would benefit from a rejuvenating body cleanse!

Simply slap on the Ginger™️ Detox Foot Patch. It will drain away toxins so you'll feel healthy and energetic! 

Ginger™️ Detox Foot Patch

NATURAL DETOXIFICATION - The patch can draw away toxins and impurities from your body, via the soles of your feet. It uses the natural healing power of ginger combined with herbal extracts from various medicinal plants.

Ginger™️ Detox Foot Patch

PLANT-BASED FORMULATION - The ginger detox patch uses 100% natural herbal ingredients. Among the healing plant extracts used are Platycodon grandiflorus, Polygonum multiflorum, bamboo vinegar and artemisia leaf extract.

Ginger™️ Detox Foot Patch

 - The patches are so simple to use. Just unwrap and stick on the soles of your feet. You can rest and relax while the patches do all the work of removing excess fluid and toxins.

Ginger™️ Detox Foot Patch

 - Using the patch can help improve many common ailments. This can ease leg or foot inflammation, reduces swelling and soreness, and boosts blood circulation and healthy metabolism

Ginger™️ Detox Foot Patch

IMPROVES OVERALL HEALTH - Doing a natural detox can strengthen your immune system and burn calories, helping you to become more fit. Detoxification can also alleviate halitosis, white tongue, acne, constipation, insomnia and aches and pains.

Ginger™️ Detox Foot Patch

Get a natural ginger detox cleanse now! Order a Ginger™️ Detox Foot Patch pack today.


Ingredients: Ginger / Platycodon grandiflorus / Polygonum multiflorum / Bamboo Vinegar / Artemisia Leaf Extract / Conchiolin Powder

Weight: 82 g

Pack Size: 13 x 10.2 x 2 cm

Package Inclusion:

  • Buy 1 pack Ginger™️ Detox Foot Patch (10 PCS)

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