Glass Crack Repair Kit

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Save money on your next windshield repair with Glass Crack Repair Resin, instantly filling and making cracked or chipped glass look good as new, in just a few easy steps you will save hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself.
Glass Crack Repair Kit
The Windshield Repair Kit from Glass Crack Repair Kit is a high-tech heavy duty kit that makes permanent, air-tight repairs of bullseye cracks of up to 1.25 inches on any laminated glass window.

Glass Crack Repair Kit
  • Save Time & Money On Professional Repair
  • Effortless 20 Minute Application
  • 5 x Cured Plastic Film Included
  • 1 x Finishing Razer Included
  • 1 Bottle Does 3-5 Projects
Windshield and glass repair costs upwards of $100.00, for a limited time our Glass Repair Kit is $19.99 at 50% off, saving you a ton of money, it can also do 3-5 projects, saving you a total of 3-500 dollars per bottle used.

Glass Crack Repair Kit

Including a bottle of the revolutionary Glass Repair Resin, you will also get multiple cured plastic films that mimic the shape of the glass to fill the crack and keep it flat while it's drying. Once dry, simply peel back the plastic film and scrape it with the metal edge that's included, rub it with the microfiber cloth and you're done.

How To Use
  1. Fill The Crack or Chip With Resin
  2. Run A Plastic Sheet Over Top
  3. Press The Films Down Firmly To Mimic The Glass Shape
  4. Allow It To Dry
  5. Peel Back The Film
  6. Scrape With Metal Edge
  7. Polish With Microfiber Cloth
That's it! In less than 30 minutes you will have saved time and money from the pain of a professional repair.

Package Contents

1 x Glass Repair Resin (30ml bottle)
5 x Cured Plastic Film
1 x Repair Blade

Glass Crack Repair Kit

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