KaloriOut Exercise Massage Dropless Hoop

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Easily achieve the hourglass figure at home!

KaloriOut Exercise Massage Dropless Hoop

If you wanna get the sexy slim waist you’ve always dreamed of, use the KaloriOut Exercise Massage Dropless Hoop! The weighted Hula hoops can not only quickly burn body fat, but also helps achieve an ideal figure!  

KaloriOut Exercise Massage Dropless Hoop

This Dropless Hula hoop is fitted with shock-absorbing massage contacts to massage all the muscles in your waist.  With improved 360-degree hula hoop and weighted gravity ball, you can move it smoothly and flexibly around your waist – giving you an immediate high intensity workout to get the slim waist and tight buttocks you ever dreamed of!

KaloriOut Exercise Massage Dropless Hoop

Rotate the fast-lock button type to adjust the hula hoop according to the waist size, making it convenient to use and never falls down Made of PP and ABS Material, durable, easy to carry and can do exercise anytime and anywhere without restriction by your location. We suggest that you do 30 minute-exercise a day for 5 days.

KaloriOut Exercise Massage Dropless Hoop


  • Easy Fat Burning: The Hula hoop exercise can effortlessly burn up to 800 calories each time while tightening your abdomen and buttocks at the same time, and increasing durability waist to maintain the figure of your body.
KaloriOut Exercise Massage Dropless Hoop
  • 360° Surround Massage: The massage hula hoop has a shock-absorbing massage that maximizes the exercise impact while allowing you to perform 360-degree surround massage while rotating the hula hoop.
KaloriOut Exercise Massage Dropless Hoop
  • Weighted Gravity Ball:  Designed with a rotating weighted soft ball to make your home workout more intense, difficult and efficient.
KaloriOut Exercise Massage Dropless Hoop
  • Quality Build: The 24 interlocking segments are made of a high quality PP and ABS material and come with a weighted ball which weighs 500 grams.
KaloriOut Exercise Massage Dropless Hoop
  • Simple To Use & Assemble: You just need to rotate the smart hula hoop and let the ball slip multiple times depending on the route on the inertia path to strengthen your body's resistance and stay in a healthy body.
  • Adjustable Size: Adjust the number of interlocking parts according to your waistline. Please note that the maximum waist circumference using all 24 knots cannot exceed 51inch/130 cm.
KaloriOut Exercise Massage Dropless Hoop
  • Hans-Free Hula Hoop: You can play, record and listen to music on your phone without worrying about falling off a hula hoop as this burning tool will not drop compared with a traditional hula hoop.
KaloriOut Exercise Massage Dropless Hoop
  • Exercise Anytime, Anywhere: Small and compact design, you can use it in various occasions, such as outdoor, office and home, garden, etc. With this comfortable experience, we recommend exercising 30 minutes a day.
  • Wide application: Almost suitable for all adults and kids but not the elderly or baby. Appropriate for people who need to lose weight/abdominal fat/mothers/office workers/students or after birth.


  • 1x KaloriOut Exercise Massage Dropless Hoop

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