The Superb Gel

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The Superb Gel

Get exhausted when holding anything for a long period of time? Of course you will, so do us. That’s why you need The SuperB Gel to mount all your things on all surface!


The Superb Gel

This is probably the BEST portable gel you’ve ever come across due to its outstanding adhesiveness and waterproof ability! It is also super multi-functional! It can be a gel pad, a phone holder, as well as a cable organiser!


The Superb Gel

Plus, you can easily peel it off and leaves no trace! Let’s comfy your hands and bring The SuperB Gel everywhere!



Ultra Strong Adhesive : Not restricted by item size!

The Superb Gel

Multi-Functional : It can be a phone holder, a cable organiser and more!

The Superb Gel

Handy & Portable : Pocket Size Design. Easy to carry

The Superb Gel

Free Your Hands with your phone when cooking, driving, doing gym and more!

The Superb Gel

Wide Applicable : Double-sided & conforms to all kinds of surface

The Superb Gel

Washable & Reusable : Nano PU Gel recover stickiness by washing under water

The Superb Gel

No Trace Left : Simply pull & remove! 

The Superb Gel

Waterproof & High Temperature Resistant : Perfect for car, home & kitchen, office & more

The Superb Gel


Applicable equipment: Mobile phone and gadgets.

Style:  Round / Square 

Weight: 50g / 1 Pcs.

Color: Transparent

Material: Silica gel

Size: 5x5x5cm

Type: 1Pcs Round or Square

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