Wallet-Sized Survival Multi-Tool

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The 10-In-1 Multi-Tool That Fits In Your Wallet.

Wallet-Sized Survival Multi-Tool

Amazing Features:

Multi-Functional: It wouldn't be a multi-tool without multiple uses, and this amazing gadget has a lot of them. You can open cans, tighten screws, pop bottles, saw branches, and even wrench things into place.

Extremely Lightweight: Weighing in at about 30 grams, this featherweight tool is punching way above its weight class. Weighing about as much as a AA battery, this multi-tool can do everything that a standard Swiss-Army knife can do. Wow!

Portable: Due to its unique shape and delicate weight, this multi-tool can slip into most wallets without even noticing it's there. It also has a lanyard hole builtin so feel free to throw it on your keychain.

Built To Last: Don't let the size fool you, these tools are made of 100% high-quality stainless steel, meaning as long as you don't throw it in a fire, it should last you a lifetime or more.

Wallet-Sized Survival Multi-Tool

Always have the right tool for the job, or in this instance, the right 10 tools for the job. It's hard to believe that such a small device can do so much, but it does everything you could need and more!

Coming with a built-in knife edge, can opener, bottle opener, screwdriver, ruler, 4 position wrench, 2 position wrench, direction ancillary indicator, sawblade, and butterfly wrench, this miniature tool will come in handy more times that you may even realize.

Wallet-Sized Survival Multi-Tool


Material: 100% High-Quality Stainless Steel

Weight: 30 g

Thickness: 0.2 cm

Size: 7 cm x 4.5 cm x 0.2 cm

Hardness: 55 HRC

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